Because we can help your business TAKE OFF with the following types of business loans:

small business loans


Do you want to grow or improve your business? Our fast and simple business loans might b for you!

revolving loans nz


Need a cash flow solution for your business now? Our revolving credit facility could be what you are looking for!

asset loans


Buy new or used business assets, including furniture, technology and vehicles.

truck loans


Buy a truck or trailer, get that maintenance done now, or even get new signage, body wrap or paint.


Do you want to start your own business by purchasing a franchise, Apply today!

working capital loans


Smooth out the peaks and troughs in your cash flow with a working capital loan.

plant loans


Upgrade or add to your plant and equipment with help from us.

heavy machinery loans


Get the machinery you need to drive your business forward!

unsecured loans


Need a loan now without tying up your existing assets, go un-secured now!

Frequently asked questions

The interest rate is determined by your credit score and any guarantors that might be invloved. If you have additional security this may assist you in getting better terms.  We will also have to calculate your loan affordability to ensure we provide the right setup for your particular situation.
Every start-up is different and will have unique requirements we need to take into account.Give us a call to discuss your loan potential and we can look into what suits your need now.
Unsecured loans have a max term of 60 months. However this is dependent on meeting our lending criteria. Secured loans have a max term of 5 years but can go up to 7 years in certain circumstances.
The minimum business loan application is $10,000. There is no maximum; however we will require additional information for any loan above $75,000.
The online application takes minutes to complete. What are you waiting for lets get started.
The funds you borrow from us can be used for any purpose related to your business. This can include funding a marketing campaign, hiring new staff or refreshing your inventory. The choice is yours.
The short answer is Yes.  However, we’re more interested in your recent business performance and financials than your previous repayment history. That said, we do look at all relevant information regarding your credit record.
Our assessment looks more towards your current business performance. We do include both business and personal credit scores in our risk analysism to assit in our decision making process.
No. We don’t penalise you for early repayments. We want our loans to be as flexible and convenient as possible.
Each loan is treated individually. So yes, if you make more than one drawdown, you will have more than one loan, meaning you may be making repayments on more than one day each month.
We usually require a copy of bankstatements, financial statements and some form of ID e.g drivers licence or passport to assess a loan application. Some applications we may require additional supporting information such as tax returns.
Of course that’s what we are here for! We will need further info like a business plan, cash flow projections and 3 months of personal bank statements.
Essentially we have to show that the application is affordable and that the business can make the repayments for the loan you are applying for.
Once your application is approved, we need to verify the information you provided and conduct any additional credit checks that may be required. We’ll talk to you about the loan terms and rate, the loan funds will then be paid to your nominated bank account.
Rocket Loans offers funding between $10k and $250k to New Zealand businesses.
We consider applications from businesses that are registered in New Zealand, have been operating for at least 18 months with an annual turnover of at least $200k and have an online account with a New Zealand bank.
Typically if you don’t use it then there are no costs.  We do have mutliple types of loan strucutres and some of the more specialiesd and complicated loans may incurr charges.  We will discuss these with you in detail should you be eligible for one of our bespoke packages
The online application process includes giving us details of your online bank account. It’s this account we typically deposit the approved funds to. We can also place monies into other approved accounts if needed.
The amount you repay each month will be the same over the period of the loan. We calculate repayment amounts based on the duration of your loan, the number of repayment instalments and the interest rate.